I believe a real estate agent should look beyond just the transaction and provide their client with passionate service that exceeds their expectations at every level of interaction. My passion for real estate began with an appreciation for architecture and interiors and the things that can be done to make any space a showpiece. With a background and in design, a bachelors degree in technology and 10+ years experience in marketing and sales, I provide a full suite of service to my clients. Together with a knack for diplomacy, knowing what to say and how to say it, I drive the best possible results for my clients.


Our full service buyer approach ensures that our clients receive the best possible service, with every aspect of the purchasing process covered. We leave nothing to chance and ensure our clients get the best possible deal on their new home.


We have a team of trusted inspectors that our buyers can rely on. Whether it’s termites, roofs, basements, electrical or plumbing, we do all the heavy lifting.

mortgage brokers

We work with the best mortgage brokers in the city who are always ready to build a mortgage solution that is as unique as you. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, or experienced investor, they’re here to help.

Real Estate Lawyers

Our in house legal counsel is always on hand to ensure your purchase goes off without a hitch. They’re experience in the most routine to the most unique transactions and situations means you’re covered no matter what.


Buying a home and know you’re going to be making some changes? We have contractors available in every trade. We only recommend the best of the best, and it’s because we trust and rely on the work they do.


We have consistently sold homes in the city faster and for more money with the least inconvenience to you. We spend a great deal of time making sure our pricing is accurate and our marketing is strategic and effective.
Everything you need to sell your home the right way

Bosley Real Estate is a family owned, boutique, company that has been actively marketing and selling homes in Toronto neighbourhoods since 1928.

Our support team includes a trusted group of individuals who we rely on to make sure the sale of your home is trouble free. Whether you need expert staging, a handy man or a moving company our experienced team is available to handle all the heavy lifting.

We have one of the best management teams in the country including a full time corporate lawyer, a 24 hour appointment desk, a top real estate social media department, graphic designers, web support, and informed and candid advice. Our goal is to ensure that your home receives the best marketing and promotional services available.


    Our full service approach means we do all the heavy lifting


    Bosley Real Estate sells homes 31.7% FASTER than our competitors

  • In less than 20 days

    Bosley Real Estate sells homes on average in 19.8 days, compared to our competitors 29 days

  • We sell it for more

    Bosley Real Estate sells homes 3.45% HIGHER than our competitors

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